It’s easier to conform than it is to stand out. Studies show that people feel pressure to do what those around them are doing. Consider the many things we do simply because of tradition. Traditions force us to conform to what’s already been done, even when it’s not effective.

Conformity blocks creativity. It weakens uniqueness and individuality. Honestly, I don’t believe any of us will reach greatness in any area if we are too focused on conforming.

We must not imitate, follow the crowd, or try to fit in. Conforming allows us to feel comfortable, but if we’re comfortable chances are we’re not accomplishing anything worthwhile.

Being uncomfortable and different can be a good thing. History has shown us that those individuals that stand out often go on to achieve great things. Don’t be ordinary, average, or typical. Don’t conform to what’s around you.


Focus on getting to know the real you. We all have so much inside of us that we are not even aware of. Spend time alone to look within. Get real with yourself. Accept yourself. There is no way that you will be able to stand out without fully accepting yourself- flaws and all.

Once you begin to love and appreciate yourself it becomes easy and quite natural to stand out and do your own thing. You’ll begin to dance to your own tune, march to your own beat, and you’ll be able to spot those around you that are conforming. You’ll discourage it.

Think about David fighting Goliath. Everyone else was scared to fight Goliath. David wasn’t even a soldier and he defeated him! Thank goodness he didn’t conform in fear with everyone else.

Study anyone who has achieved significant success and you’ll find that they don’t conform. They have become successful for simply being the best them. That is how we will also live our best life.

I love this quote a friend shared with me: “To be outstanding get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Get out of your comfort zone, stop conforming, and be outstanding!


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