Steve Jobs: “Follow Your Heart”

Steve Jobs

I stumbled across Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address and WOW.  It has taken me completely out of the flow of an ordinary Monday.

Jobs was undeniably an innovator that achieved monumental success, so to hear him say “follow your heart” was quite refreshing to me.  He discussed success, loss, life, love, and even death.  He delivered this speech in 2005 and he died in 2011.

He even spoke of how following his curiosity and intuition were priceless.  It’s funny how we often disregard our intuition because we’re trying to live by ‘rules’.

Listen to him for yourself.  Add some inspiration to your Monday afternoon.  You never know, you may be encouraged to follow your own heart…

Check out the 15 min. video:

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