My Obsession with Contrast


Did my hair today and I love it. Why? Because of the contrast! It’s shaved on one side, and has super curly hair on the other.

Lately, I’ve began to really appreciate contrast. I guess it’s always been in me but now I understand my interest in ‘different’ things.

It’s like I’m fond of those things that shouldn’t be. Opposites interest me. If it appears that it shouldn’t be I’m interested. I love the movie “Pretty Woman” because she stood out from her environment. There was contrast.

And ohhh, I love “Beauty and the Beast”. Again, contrast. He was hideous, she was beautiful, but they were PERFECT for each other. Contrast.

Contrast means to compare in order to show unlikeness or differences; opposite natures.

It’s amazing when contrast births beauty. Sometimes unintended.

Think about it. Contrast could be the root of so many things:

Good girls wanting bad boys, or even good boys wanting bad girls. Trendsetters, innovators, or even artists have an appreciation for contrast- whether they realize it or not.

I love couples with different skin complexions, people who look different from everyone around them, or radical haircuts on conservative women, yeah kind of like me. 🙂

Contrast is beautiful. I love it.


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