Be Humble! 5 Thoughts on Humility…


“Humility does not mean you think less of yourself.  It means you think of yourself less.”  – Ken Blanchard

5 Thoughts on Humility:

1. When we are humbled, compliments are refreshing reminders of the good things about ourselves.  We are refreshed because we are not constantly thinking about how good we are.

2. Humility allows us to see everyone as equal.  We begin to treat everyone with respect, no matter their race or social status.

3. Humility balances confidence.  We should be confident in ourselves, but not think we are better than others.  Too much confidence causes arrogance and arrogance is not personable.  Humility allows us to be more relatable.

4. Humility causes us to be concerned with humanity.  When you are not overly concerned with yourself, you become more concerned with others.

5. Humility is NOT being a doormat.  We should not allow ourselves to be taken advantage of.  Humility and weakness are not synonyms.  Actually, humility often disguises power.

Humility is often a misunderstood trait, but we should all seek to fully understand it.  Jesus was full of POWER, yet he was HUMBLE.  He was not loud, flashy, or boastful.

We should all focus on being confident, respectful, selfless, and HUMBLE.


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