Women Are Complicated


We are tough and independent, yet weak and needy.

We naturally smile and please, while at the same time we’re fighting hell.

We need love and gentleness, yet balance it or we’ll take advantage.

We want you to read our minds, yet we’re silent. Figure it out or we’ll get mad.

We want to be pursued, but don’t pressure us.

We are proper and prude, yet can get extra super freaky.

We need alone time, but not too much or we’ll get lonely.

We want to settle, yet we adore our freedom. “You telling me what to do??”

We’re appreciative yet we’re so progressive we seem ungrateful.

We are complicated yes, but we are loyal and loving.

We will love you with all that we have.


“Like every woman I know I’m complicated for sure, but when I love I love til’ there’s no love no more.” – Ledisi

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