Dream to LOVE your work










We should all desire to love our work. There are times when we may have jobs we don’t love, but we should work toward obtaining a position that we do love.

Work is a part of life. Actually, it’s a large part of our life and I don’t believe that we were created to work jobs that we despise.

Life will sometimes require us to work jobs we dislike. We all have responsibilities, but at the same time we must still dream. We may go through things that steal our confidence, but we must hold tight to our dreams. We should all envision living a life we love, which includes work that we love.

We only get one life, we must do the most. We have to be intentional to say “It won’t be easy, but I can do it. I have one life, I want to be all I can be.”

If we study the lives of people that have accomplished great things we will see that life was not always easy for them either. But, they persevered. They did not give up. They did not quit. They held onto their dream and they WORKED for it.

We should all love our work or be preparing ourselves so we can land the job of our dreams. Nothing is off limits. We must dare to dream so one day we can love our work.

We were created to live an enjoyable life which includes enjoyable work.

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