Generalizations FAIL!

I’ve received much feedback on my post “5 Thoughts on Men in Relationships”. Some agreed, some slightly disagreed, some strongly disagreed.

The 1 thing I’ve learned from that post is that GENERALIZATIONS FAIL. It’s so easy to take your experiences from a few situations then categorize that entire group! This is foolishness and it leads to stereotypes.

I’m so thankful to the people around me that have shared their thoughts on the topic. As a young woman who desires to be married it greatly interests me to better understand men.

I’m learning though that we are all different, and it will be wise of me to not categorize ALL men as anything. I’m now more focused on just making sure that I understand the man that I will be blessed with. Thats truly all that matters.

As far as understanding men, I have a good friend who shared his thoughts on the topic. He’s a man so listen to him. He may be more qualified to speak on the matter than me. 😉

The next post will be his thoughts on BEING a man. It’s a must read. You will laugh, nod in agreement, and even if you don’t agree, you will most certainly understand where he’s coming from. Stay tuned.

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