Stop Disagreeing So Much!

Some people voice their opinions and disagreements too much. This is rather annoying. We all have experiences and beliefs that shape who we are, which is great. Differences make us unique and special; however we all have to be wise in how we express our differences.

There is always a time and a place to express our differences. We must use balance when sharing our differences because before we know it we may ‘express’ ourselves right out of a relationship.

It’s important to express opinions and let others know who we are, yet it’s also important to conform. It’s important to disagree in relationships, yet it’s also vital to agree. There’s a time to speak, and another time to be silent.


Success is all about balance. Sometimes we can be so quick to share ‘insight’ that we don’t realize we’re damaging our relationships. It’s important to be strategic communicators when expressing disagreements. Certain words can trigger either positive or negative responses from others. We must use balance, wisdom, and the correct words.

Another important question to ask ourselves is: “Did they ask my opinion?” Sometimes we are so eager to speak that we don’t even consider if that person truly cares. Don’t waste time or energy. Before speaking, consider if they even solicited what you’re about to share. If they didn’t ask your opinion on the issue, they probably are not interested in what you have to say.

Just think about it. Relating to others is more important than our opinions; especially on insignificant issues.  Before we disagree we should simply just stop and THINK:

1. Did they ask my opinion? Will they even receive it?

2. Does it truly matter? Is this a significant issue?

3. Could this drive an unnecessary wedge between us? Could it damage the relationship?

4. Is this the right time to disagree? Should I practice silence now and speak later?

I’ve read several books on relationships within the last few years and I’ve learned so much. One that particularly helped was “Love Your Life- Living Happy, Healthy & Whole” by Victoria Osteen.

She really changed my thinking. I began to place relationships at a higher priority. I began to care less about being right. She discussed that when we are so focused on being right, we are forcing the other party to be wrong. This harms our relationships.

I’m not saying that we should never express our disagreements- we absolutely should. There may even be times when it’s absolutely necessary to express our opinions no matter what.

I’m just saying that we must use balance and wisdom when we disagree with others. Successful relationships depend upon us managing HOW we disagree.

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