5 Good Things About Problems

Problems will:

1. Strengthen your decision-making skills. We are constantly making decisions, and problems force us to think more critically. Critical thinking leads to more effective decisions. More effective decisions lead to a better life.

2. Cause you to think long-term. Some problems can be so massive that they force you to think further down the road. You are no longer focused on the month, but now you’re considering how this problem will affect your year.

3. Remind you to focus on simple things. Sometimes we get caught up in things that don’t really matter. We all get distracted. Problems have a way of reminding us to focus on what’s important.

4. Humble you. Sometimes we think that we’re more than we truly are. Or, that we’re better than others. 1 problem can take that unnecessary confidence away and remind you that we’re all equal. We’re all simply human. Problems definitely humble us.

5. Make you more grateful. Problems can remind us of what we DO have. When we are comfortable we tend to get ungrateful. Problems can serve as a reality check of how good we actually do have it.

Don’t cry about your problems. Face them, solve them, and be thankful for the good that will come out of them.


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