Just Let Go


It’s funny how we never realize the GREAT things that are ahead of us until we let go of what we have today.

What we have today is better than what we had yesterday, but the future may be storing something even greater.

To progress in life we must be okay letting go.  What we have now may just be temporary.  It may have served a purpose and now the job is done.

What we have today may have been saving us from ourselves at one point.  Maybe it was meant to be ours for a season, but not forever.

We never know.  Sometimes we have to just let go.

I’m a firm believer that as long as we do good today, our future will hold good things for us.  Our good decisions today will bring us good results tomorrow.

We can settle and live in fear thinking this is as good as it gets, but we’d be cheating ourselves.  Tons of people are living extraordinary lives because they didn’t settle.

I strongly believe that there is a God in heaven who longs to give good things to us.  Even if we let go and it’s supposed to be ours, it will come back.

Just let go.  Letting go doesn’t equate to taking a loss.  It may be uncomfortable, it may even hurt, but we learn from our pains.

Just let go, you never know what lies ahead.

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