Jones: Versatility & Strength

I sat and chatted with Jones yesterday over lunch, and I quickly learned the 3 things that have shaped who he is today:

1- His father. His father was a strong, positive force in his life that kept him on the right track.
2- Failed relationships. He learned early on that relationships can be a distraction.
3- His son Nehemiah. Having his son slowed him down a lot.

I easily identified that he has had some struggles in his life, yet he is determined to progress and be successful. He requested no pity, he showed determination and strength.

He is versatile- He has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, he’s a 6th grade tutor, he sings, and he has an insurance business. He’s also a single father raising his son.

As far as love goes, he believes he will get married one day when he meets the right one. He feels that its hard to find someone that will be loyal and committed.

When I asked him about a life philosophy, he replied “Don’t stop. Work hard.”

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