10 Ways to do Good


1. Serve- Look around for needs, then do something.  Serve others.

2. Give- Give away things.  Money, time, resources, good words.

3. Share- Share what you have.  Fill voids with your extra.

4. Love- Just love.  We have no room to judge if we are filled with love.


5. Understand- Place yourself in someone else’s shoes.  Put forth effort to understand them.

6. Compassion- Have compassion on people.  Show concern when others are hurting.  Just care.

7. Generosity- Give freely.  Kill selfishness.  Be generous.

8. Forgive- Forgive those who hurt you.  We have good works to do.  It’s unwise to carry anger and hurt.

9. Pray- Pray for others, not just yourself.  Pray for people in passing.  Just ask God to help others.

10. Listen- Listen to others, don’t over talk.  You can uncover ways to do good by simply listening.

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