Love, Peace, & Happiness


Oftentimes, happiness and love battle.  I don’t believe that they should though. I value both happiness and love, but if loving you makes me unhappy I’m sorry I will have to let you go.

For some reason, we have come to believe that it’s normal to be unhappily in love.  Oh no, I’m not buying that one.

I believe that love is good, joyful, peaceful, and it gives you contentment.  I’m not saying that there won’t be problems, issues, or arguments; but those problems should not overshadow the love.  Even with problems, we should still feel a sense of contentment within us.

Love and peace must be the overarching theme of the relationship; then when problems arise it won’t be so bad.  But when problems and issues are the theme of the relationship; it becomes unbearable. 

Life has enough issues in itself. I do not believe it’s God’s will for us to be in relationships that bring us more harm than good, or more problems than peace.

I believe that each of us are responsible for our own happiness.  We have to stand against anything that attempts to steal our joy.

Our relationships should bring us love, joy, security, and peace.  The moment it seems that we are sacrificing happiness for love, we may need to reexamine that relationship’s worth.

Ask yourself: Is it worth it?  Be careful about investing in something with little or no worth. We deserve to be both happy and loved.

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