What is LIFE?

Everyone wonders what the true meaning of life is. We wonder what we’re supposed to be doing. We wonder why we’re even here.

We study the philosophy of life. We say forget it and we just please ourselves. Some live for God. Others live for the approval of other people.

Right now I’m camped out in a little corner of my campus library. I wanted to take a quick break from the day and perhaps read something interesting.

I succeeded.

I found a book titled “A Book Of Meditations”. Let me share an excerpt from it. It was written July 1, 1901 and is titled “Life”. Enjoy.

“Life is made of a few simple elements: as the physical existence depends upon fresh air, sunshine, simple food, and exercise, so the deeper life is made of love, work, hunger for ideals, appreciation of beauty, desire to know the truth.”

I absolutely love this. A personal reminder for me to not over-complicate this thing called life.

It’s actually quite simple. 🙂

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