Relationships Require Balance

We give, we take.  We deposit, we withdraw.  We expect, and we’re expected of things.  We must focus on maintaining a healthy balance within our relationships.


We must never solely look at what’s to gain from a relationship.  There should always be a healthy balance of give and take.  If we are solely focused on receiving, then it will be an unhealthy relationship.  We all have to combat selfishness.

Don’t take too much, and certainly don’t give too much.  Focus on balance.  Most relationships in our life will come to some sort of an end, and we don’t want to walk away feeling used.  Focus on balanced giving.

Some people in life will constantly take, take, take.  We have to be wise in managing our relationships.  We don’t want to deplete all of our resources-

Our relationships should replenish us.

Balance the time, love, resources, and even the conversation that you give.  All of these things are deposits that you’re making into that relationship.

Be wise to ensure that you maintain a healthy, safe balance.  Give just what’s appropriate.  Don’t always trust your ‘feelings’.  Some feelings will cause us to give more than we should.  Make intentional decisions about giving and receiving.

Manage your relationships like commerce.  Focus on a healthy balance.

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