Guys: Read this before approaching me!


1. If you are not prepared to give me it all, don’t approach me. I’m not saying I want it all right now, but in the future I will.  Save us both some stress.  Prepare yourself, let go of your past, then step into the future and approach Miss Margo.

2. Be confident.  I can look serious and mean, and although I can sometimes be both of those things; the majority of the time I am very sweet and fun.

3. Be attentive.  I am a thinker so demonstrate your ability to observe, think, and speak on it.  Notice details, I will smile if you notice the little things.  😉

4. Be honest.  I’m a big girl and I’m understanding; so trust me I can handle the truth.  No filtering or hiding things.  Be open, just talk.  Open communication will build our relationship.  Filtering information and trying to appease me will diminish trust and destroy our relationship.

5. Be my friend.  Approach me to get to know me.  Build a friendship.  Don’t rush.  Friends, best friends, then lovers.  Best friends make amazing lovers.  Just be my friend.


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