I Want It ALL: Am I a Feminist??

wonder women

I want a loving, spiritual, strong, fine husband.  I want to have sex with him at random times, in random places, all the time.  I want degrees.  I want tons of money, a big house, and I want to take exquisite vacations.  I want several children- all smart, loving, and obedient.  I want it ALL.

Growing up I never knew much about feminism, but I love college for immersing me in information.  I’m not radical; I am a Christian and I believe in order within a household with the husband being the head, but there is a certain group of feminists that I may belong to.  I may fit perfectly within the group of women that believe they can do it all.

I appreciate feminist’s movements because there was a time when women weren’t in colleges, boardrooms, or medical schools; but now we are.  We’re in there in stilettos, sexy curves, and earrings.  I’m thankful for the movements that have made it possible for me to believe, dream, and know that I can do it all.  And succeed.

Pardon me if I’m a bit dramatic.  I’m just starting this new book and I’m a tad excited.  Please forgive me.  😉

4 thoughts on “I Want It ALL: Am I a Feminist??

  1. I’m delighted to hear you recognize the existence of the feminist movement! I was just talking to my son and his gf about it the other day because I’m doing a show featuring women songwriters of the 70’s. They were never really taught anything about it. They have been acquiring some knowledge by watching Madmen.


    1. Aww, nice! Yes it’s interesting that you can go all through school (high school that is) and never really be introduced to it. I’m a junior in college and am just getting familiar! Sure glad I am though! 🙂


      1. My son’s gf received her masters from Northwestern University in journalism and I don’t think it’s come up much. We’re going to watch the hbo documentary in Gloria Steinam. I’ve seen it. But they are up for it. I’m enjoying your blog btw.


      2. Nice! Yeah, I’m just starting this book and I feel it’s going to introduce me to allot!! I’m excited! Out may come a new me. 😉 Aww, thanks so much! What do you like most??


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