Our words have power.  Our prayers are heard by God.  God wants us to pray to him.  Prayer changes our situations.

We don’t have to pray long or eloquently.  We don’t always have to get on our knees to pray, and we don’t always have to close our eyes.

Just open your mouth.  You can even pray softly if you’re in public.  Just pray!

Here are 10 quick prayers!

1. God you are in control.

~ Acknowledging that God is in control gives us peace.

2. Help me Jesus.

~ Our reminder that we are not in control.  We need help.

3. Guide me Lord.

~ We have no idea what the future holds.  We need God’s hand to guide us.

4. God I just thank you.

~ Gratefulness lifts our spirits.

5. God you are GOOD. 

~ A reminder that God will always be perfectly GOOD and will never change.

6. God I know that you are for me. 

~ An instant confidence booster.   NO MATTER WHAT, God is always for us.

7.  God I love you. 

~ God longs for a loving relationship with us.  Just as we tell our loved ones that we love them, we must tell God that we love him.  It keeps any relationship healthy & strong.

8. You are my provider Lord.

~ God gives us everything we need.  He longs to bless us.  We only have what He allows us to have.

9. Purify me Lord.

~ We all have weaknesses and shortcomings & we need to be refined and purified at times.  We must express our wrongs so the Lord can mature us.

10. You are peace and hope Lord.

~ So much in life changes, but as long as we remember that God is our constant peace we will remain peaceful!

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