Life happens.  It changes, it’s not fair to us, it makes us cry.  We lose our possessions, we lose our jobs, we lose people.

Without my faith I’m not sure I’d be able to peacefully handle these uncertain times.  Uncertainty brings confusion, confusion robs peace, and without peace our faith is fragile.

We all have times in our life where we question our faith.  Those times where it’s a fight to keep our sanity!  Sometimes we have to fight to keep our faith!

Here is some encouragement for us all.  A few reminders to help us all keep our faith:

– Forget what you see.  Keep your faith.

– Don’t worry.  God cares.

– We can’t please God without faith.

– Faith not exercised is nonexistent.

– Faith is action.  We must be active.

– Faith is not passive.

– Jobs, money, cars, and homes go; but faith remains.

– Faith means to believe or trust in God.

So, when you feel your faith weakening…

Don’t doubt, don’t stop, don’t quit, don’t blame, don’t complain.  Know that no matter what, faith will see you through.


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