It’s all in your ATTITUDE!


Just read a quote that I must share: “It’s your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude.” – Jesse Jackson

Think about it. To me this is saying:

– Our attitude determines our future. Skill isn’t everything. It’s important how we relate to others. We must take ownership and accept our wrongs. Don’t cover up shortcomings- Admit them. Forgive others and they will forgive us. Don’t expect perfection from ourselves or others.  Be carefree, not critical.  Be pleasant and kind. Smile.  Do good. Be positive- Anticipate good things.  People should want to be around us.

Attitude can be defined as the way we think and feel about something and how those feelings affect our behavior. Our attitude determines what we do, and what we do determines our success in life. Quite simple.

We must stop and ask ourselves how we think about life. How do we feel about it? The answer to these questions shape our attitude.

Check your attitude to ensure that it’s setting you up for success, not limiting your success. Attitude determines how far we will go in life. Remember, it’s all in the attitude.


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