You know college is controlling you when…


1. You look forward to the weekend so you can catch up on homework.

2. You think in terms of semesters.  “I’ll be 30 next year, that’s only 2 semesters away!”

3. Your backpack is always with you.

4. Any free time is devoted to reading and doing homework.

5. Your schedule is so tight it’s hard to find time to even do your hair!

I love learning and I’m thankful that I’m able to get an education, BUT it is not easy.  This semester is my first time actually realizing that college may not be for everyone.  I used to say it but I didn’t fully believe it.  Now I do.

I value education and I do believe that it changes minds and lives; but I guess what they say is true-

Anything worth having won’t come easy.

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