LOVE: 5 Principles


1. Committed without a commitment.  It just works so well, fits so right, no need to discuss a commitment.  Needs met, feelings nurtured and comforted.  It works.  Not bound to a title but to love.

2. Too good to stray.  In each other’s heads.  Constant communication.  Did I mention needs met?  Fully content and happy.  Pleased and satisfied.  No need to stray.

3. Free love.  Free to live, grow, learn, and even mess up.  Free to love and live.  It’s free and free is good.  Not restrained love, its free love.

4. Real friends.  Friends before lovers.  Understanding, openness, accepting, caring.  Communication is key.  Communication builds trust and fosters friendship.  Real friends make amazing lovers.

5. Uncontrollable love.  It just is.  Love just is.  No plan or strategy needed, it’s just love.  It’s there, never weakening, only strengthening.  Stronger than pride or fear, love just overcomes.  It’s uncontrollable.

Love is committed, good, free, real, and uncontrollable.  LOVE.

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