Writing Keeps Me Strong


It seems that in the midst of supposedly ‘great’ moments in my life I’m not able to fully experience them because something else is going so wrong.

It’s like there’s a natural balancing mechanism that prevents me from fully internalizing the greatness.  It’s like the bad is there to keep me human and humble.

Even now as I write I’m moving toward purpose, progressing in life, accomplishing goals; BUT I still feel weighed down at times due to today’s problems.

There are issues in my life that I have to work very hard against- I work against allowing them to overcome and distract me.  Life’s issues try to detour us from our destiny.

I can’t succumb to the pressures though; so I pray, read my Bible, listen to good music, and I write.  I write, I write, I write- just as I’m doing now.

Writing keeps me focused, clear-minded, and strong.  Yeah, writing keeps me strong.

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