Show some LOVE!

heart earrings

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day- What a perfect opportunity to show some LOVE!  Single, married, Christian, or Muslim we are all beings who need to give and receive LOVE.

It doesn’t take a bunch of money.  I just grabbed these earrings for $1 at a $1 jewelry store and I’m excited to express myself tomorrow by displaying LOVE!

Parents- Take some time to show each of your children that they are LOVED.  Write a note, surprise them with a gift, or take them out on a date.  As parents it is our responsibility to make sure that our children feel LOVE.

Couples- Spend time together, turn phones off, talk, and just appreciate what you have in each other.  Going out is great, but I LOVE intimate settings.  The less distractions the easier it is to truly connect.

Singles- Plan a date with some friends.  Go skating, grab dinner, or anything else creative you can think of.  Don’t get down about being single, embrace your singleness and enjoy yourself.  Show yourself some LOVE!  Buy yourself a gift, get a manicure, just do something and be happy.

It’s easier to show LOVE if you feel LOVE.  If you need to boost up your LOVE try these tips:

– Write out things you’re thankful for.  Thankfulness and LOVE pretty much go hand in hand.  Start with basic needs then move up to skills, people, etc.  Once you get started the momentum will build.

– Write a LOVE letter.  Write it to a friend, family member, partner, or anyone that you LOVE.  They will appreciate it, and you will feel the LOVE just from expressing yourself.

– Get quiet.  Ok, ok I know I’m a big fan of quiet time, but there is so much peace in quietness.  Feel the peace and LOVE.  I also believe that peace and LOVE go hand in hand.

– Spend time with God.  God is LOVE so getting close to Him will fill you with LOVE.  He will help you to LOVE yourself and LOVE others.  Read scriptures focused on LOVE, pray for help with loving, or just think of Him.  Anything that you do involving God will nurture LOVE.

I hope this helps us all to focus on LOVE.  Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, and remember it’s all about the LOVE.  Show some LOVE!

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