Don’t listen to that negativity!

Someone just discouraged me from going after what could be a wonderful opportunity. I was initially excited about it, but then began to question if they were right.

It happens to us all. So, what do we do when people speak negativity in our direction? What do we do when we are discouraged from pursuing our dreams?


We all have to do what’s best for us, and unfortunately people tend to think they know what’s best for us when in reality we’re all struggling to do the right thing in our own lives!

This is why I have slacked on telling people what to do. Instead, I give them things, facts, and perspectives to consider; but I do not tell people what do do.

We all have to do what’s best for us.

So, what did I do when that person spoke negativity in my direction? Let me walk you through it..

1. I asked why? I wanted to at least hear their reasoning. Why did they say that? What makes them feel that way?

2. I expressed myself. I listened to their points and then shared my reasoning for believing otherwise.

3. I put on one of my favorite songs. “Roar” by Katy Perry. I needed something to overpower the negative feelings that I began to feel. It worked too. I began to feel more confident in myself and my decision.

4. I read an email from someone who encouraged me to make the decision. Their words, support, and encouragement began to diminish the negative feelings.

And guess what? That person who was initially speaking negativity my way came back and said “You’re right. Go for it.”

See! I’m feeling good now! So, when people speak negativity your way don’t internalize it! Do what’s best for you and sooner or later they’ll get it.


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