Unhealthy Relationships: DON’T SETTLE!


Unhealthy relationships are like drugs.  They’re no good for us, but we want them anyway.

They make us feel good, only to ultimately tear us down. They meet a short-term need, only to push us further away from our long-term goals. They make us lose sight of what we truly want, only giving us what feels good now.

Just like drugs they’re exotic, fun, and sometimes out of control.  Who needs anything else?

Unhealthy relationships come in various forms- abuse, lies, deceit, failed expectations, or simply just not giving you what you truly need. Unhealthy relationships can be camouflaged to appear as something they’re not.

Beware- Unhealthy relationships have a way of forcing us to accommodate them.

Be wise- Use caution to ensure that you’re not destroyed by an unhealthy relationship.

Always- Know your worth and don’t accept anything less.  Never.

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