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Stop whatever you’re doing right now and ask yourself “What do I want?”  Go on, do it.  Think about it.  Write a list.

We all have dreams, desires, and things we want; yet life has a way of steering us away from those desires.  We all get distracted, confused, or even discouraged from going after what we REALLY want.

Sometimes we want THAT, but then THIS comes along and it makes us feel like THAT is not realistic.  Or maybe we begin to think THIS is okay.  This is setting at its finest!

Look around.  It’s easy to recognize these behaviors in others than it is to see it in ourselves.  Who do you see that is settling in a relationship?  Or not pursuing their dreams?  Or what about that person who has been saying for the last 10 years that they’re going back to school, yet still haven’t done it.

See what I’m saying?  Recognize that this is not just ‘other people’.  It’s all of us!  We all have to stand on guard against settling or compromising our beliefs.

It’s important for us to regularly evaluate our priorities, our values, and our beliefs.  Honestly, we have to remind ourselves of what we want!  That’s the purpose of this post.  Remind yourself of what you want and then go get it!

Doing right and striving for more is not easy, but if you want something worthwhile you must put up a fight.

So, 1- Remind yourself of what you want.  2- Make a plan.  3- Work your plan.  4- GET WHAT YOU WANT!

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