5 Ways To Get What You Want!


Since we’re all thinking about what we want, let me share 5 ways to make it happen!

1. Tell others what you want.  It gets it out in the atmosphere, plus its instant accountability.  They can check in on you to see how it’s going, plus they can remind you of what you really want whenever you’re slipping.  We all need accountability.

2. Write it down.  Research shows that if you write a goal down that you are more likely to achieve it.  Write it down and look at it often.  Keep writing, note your progress, weaknesses, and anything else that comes to mind.  Writing keeps me focused and aware of where I am.

3. Quiet time.  This is so huge and probably one of the hardest!  There is so much going on around us that we tend to stay busy while accomplishing nothing.  Don’t be fooled.  Quiet time is so necessary to success.  Get off Facebook for a while (stay tuned for a post about Facebook), step away from everything so that you can reflect, think, and envision what you want.

4. Watch your environment.  Our environment is affecting us much more than we tend to acknowledge!  Here are a few sayings that I firmly believe: 1- You are becoming like those who you spend the most time around.  2- You can’t fly with the eagles if you’re hanging with chickens.  Your environment is either assisting you in getting what you want out of life, or it is holding you back from what you really want.  There is no in between.  Assess and make necessary changes to get what you want.

5. Believe in yourself.  We can only do what we THINK we can do.  Recognize your strengths and weaknesses.  Build up your strengths to maximize potential.  Read books, write, and ask others what they think you are good at.  You must really get to know yourself, accept yourself with your flaws, and be confident in who you are.



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