Breathing rids depression…


1. Breathing does more than just keep us alive.  According to PsychCentral, proper breathing can give us peace of mind, self-discipline, self-awareness, and assist in self-acceptance.  It can have healing effects on the mind and body including alleviating depression and anxiety.

2. In 1998 Ebay Inc. had 29 employees and $47.4 million income, and in 2008 it jumped to 11, 000 employees and over $7 billion revenue.

3. The top 5 skills to employers are: 

1- Communication skills/verbal and written

2- Honesty/integrity

3- Interpersonal skills/relates well to others

4- Motivation/initiative

5- Strong work ethic

Today is class day for me and I’m learning some pretty interesting things that I thought I’d share.  Hope you learned something new!

Have a wonderful day!  Take a deep breath, make money, and communicate!  🙂


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