It’s obvious that music is a part of our culture.  Whether we realize it or not, music affects the way we think and ultimately affects the things we do.

We know that our environment shapes who we are.  Who we’re around, what we see, and what we listen to all play a role in our lives.  I think music affects us more than we actually realize.

I’ve listened to two songs today that have got me thinking about the impact that music has on us.  “Don’t Throw It” by Bizzle is reminding women of their value and to not give their body away.  Nina Simone’s “Young, Gifted, and Black” came about during The Civil Rights Movement and it spoke hope to those who needed it.

The music of today is very different from the music of yesterday.  Music was once used as a tool to further a cause, give hope, or even tell a story. 

Today, the substance of music has been lessened, while the focus has shifted to profits.  Turn on the radio and most likely you will hear a very catchy beat with little substance.

Artists are receiving profits, but what about the culture?  What about the masses that are consuming the music?  Is the culture changing for the better?  Should artists be held accountable to the impact that they have on the culture?

Have you ever pondered these questions?  I’m not judging any particular artist, but I believe these are questions that we should all be asking ourselves.

We are all affected by the culture that we live in, and I believe that we should all hold ourselves accountable to how we impact that culture- including music artists.

Music does make a difference.

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