Women: Don’t Seek Your Husband


If I was a man I would probably already be married.  I’m one of those seekers and achievers that are always working toward accomplishing a goal.  If I was a man I’d be constantly and strategically pursuing women- longing to be united to my wife.  Thank goodness I’m a woman.

I’m also one of those people (like many I know) that tend to get in a rush to get things- even when I’m not always prepared or even qualified for what I’m wanting.

Someone told me something yesterday that really, really has impacted me.  I shared this wisdom with my best friend over dinner last night and now here I am writing about it. 

A newly-wed told me yesterday “Don’t rush into marriage- its full of compromise.”  This newly-wed is happily married to her husband, but she also gave me a reality check.  Her saying this has really shifted my perspective and is allowing me to slow down and be thankful that I am still single.

Sometimes we’re so rushed to get what we WANT, that we overlook what we HAVE.  Her simple comment has me thankful for being single today and the many benefits that being single brings me.  Oh, the power of words.  🙂

Being single grants me a certain freedom- I can do and go as I please without having to consider the perspective of my mate.  I am free to do as I please.

Being single gives me more time- More time to do what I want to do.  I have more time for myself, my hobbies, and anything else I want to do.

Being single is less work- Less cooking, cleaning, and less helping others.  I have less laundry, less food to cook.  Being single is totally less work.

Being single is good for my spirit- I have more time to pray, read my Bible, and worship God.  I simply have more time to focus on God.

Don’t get me wrong, the thought of marriage and love do excite me.  I will be one happy wife, but I’m also content with being single until I am joined with my husband.

Women- don’t go seeking your husband.  Enjoy your single-ness while you can, and let your husband sweep you off your feet into union with him when that perfect time comes.

Remember: “HE who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.”  (I emphasized He)  Proverbs 18:22.

So women: Enjoy your single life, prepare yourself, don’t rush, and just wait for your husband to find you.  I’m totally writing to myself on this one.  Hopes it helps someone else too!  🙂


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