Margo’s baaaaaccckkkk!!


It feels good to be back, though I must admit it felt good to take a break.  We don’t realize how weighed down we are until we let some things go and clear our space.

For the past 21 days I have let go of the ‘world’ in a sense, only participating in what’s necessary: work, school, church, parenting, etc.  My phone time was limited and then I completely cut out Facebook.  I feel good.

I think we’d all be surprised at how much energy we give to things that truly don’t matter.  Simply put, we waste a lot of time doing nothing.  We can all benefit from evaluating how we are using our time.

I recently heard someone say “We get the same amount of time in a day that Beyonce gets.”  I didn’t really get this, so when they broke it down to me I had to tweak it to work for me.  I then said “We all get the same amount of time in a day that Obama gets.”  Think about it.  He’s running one of the most powerful countries in the world, and he still only gets 24 hours a day.

I won’t be long, but I wanted to do a quick check-in to make sure that you all haven’t forgotten about me.  🙂

Stay tuned for a post regarding our volunteering experience around the holidays.  My 7 year old also wrote expressing her thoughts, and I can not wait to share this!  I will also be posting a few articles that I started while I was ‘away’.

It’s a New Year and I’m excited and ready to write!  Margo is happy to be back.  🙂

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