5 things to do TODAY!


1. Immerse yourself in information.  The information that we consume shapes our thinking, and of course our thinking shapes our actions.  Finding yourself thinking about the wrong things?  Immerse yourself in something different.  Change the scene.  Go to the library.  Watch something on t.v. that you wouldn’t normally watch- maybe the news or a documentary.

2. Do what feels good, but don’t do it just because it feels good.  The things that are right for us will feel good and natural, not awkward and forced.  We have to be careful with this because we all know of many wrong things that will feel oh so right!  Be wise, but be good to yourself.  Do something that makes you feel good.  You deserve it.

3. Talk to people.  Smile.  Be friendly, kind, and social.  As humans we are social creatures, but sometimes I think we forget this.  We can be so serious-minded and anti-social at times!  NOT GOOD!  Hold the door open for someone, start conversing with someone while waiting in the checkout line, help an elderly person carry their groceries.  Be nice!

4. Read!  This is a big one.  Reading is inspirational, knowledgeable, and studies show that it increases vocabulary.  Read something.  Anything.  A magazine, a newspaper, a book, an autobiography.  Just read.  You may be surprised at the things you’ll learn.

5. Encourage someone.  We all need it.  It keeps us confident and simply makes us feel better!  Encouragement can lift us up and keep us on the right track.  Text a friend or family member.  Surprise a loved one with a gift.  Compliment a stranger, particularly one who may not be expecting it.  The cool thing about this is that we get what we give.  You may be shocked at how it comes back to you.

I’m having a very good day today.  Inspiring, peaceful, and just all around good.  I’ve actually done everything on the list today so I was inspired to write and share!  I am encouraging you to try at least 1… TODAY!

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