Meet a Free, Adventurous Traveler!


Turns out I am REALLY enjoying my day in Coffeyville. I got to chat with a very interesting person! Meet Joseph!

Margo: What do you like most about your life?

Joseph: Just traveling, moving around, being in different places all the time. Meeting good, real people like you.

Margo: What’s been your most difficult experience?

Joseph: Being stuck in Chicago in the middle of winter. It was like 10 degrees and I had no winter clothes and only like $20. I was talking to some street people and someone told me to get bottle of liquor, down it, then go to the detox center and they would keep me for several days. I did it but they only kept me for 8 hours. My feet were frozen to my shoes. It was painful. I went to the hospital and they discharged me, despite my frozen feet, because I had no insurance. It was a catholic hospital but they were not “holy”. I was in my 30’s at the time.

Joseph had several crazy stories to share! Here are my top 4!

4 Wild Experiences:

1. In Wisconsin he had an encounter with a bear. The bear was standing trying to get food from a tree. He looked at Joseph then went right back to getting his food. He said he looked furry and cuddly, although he didn’t pet him. He said he would not pet a wild animal.

2. In Massachusetts he thought he was going inside an abandoned business, but he was WRONG. There was a family inside and the guy welcomed him in, introduced him to his family and invited him to dinner! He then allowed him to set his tent up in the back.

3. In West Virginia a guy pulled over at 2:00 a.m. driving his car wearing only a bra and socks! His first words to the driver were “Are you okay, Mr.?” He asked him what possessed him to do it and he said “I like it.” He told the driver to drive on. He turned down the ride.
(I was laughing so hard!! Laughing now as I write!) 🙂

4. About 15 years ago in Chickasha, OK he lived with someone who had a pot farm. They had pot parties where everyone just sat and smoked pot. He said they were some of the coolest people he ever met. The only requirement they had for him was that he had to go to church with them. YES, THEY WERE CHURCH-GOERS WITH A POT FARM!

My final question…

Margo: Do you feel free?

Joseph: Yeah. A little tired, a little wore out, but yeah. I don’t worry about what people think. Why should I?

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