City Living vs. Country Living


I was born and raised in a small town, yet have lived in the city since I was 17. Left Coffeyville, KS for Dallas; then migrated to Tulsa. I’m spending the day in Coffeyville today and I’m really enjoying my day. Got me thinking (surprise, surprise) about the differences between city life and country life.

The city is fast, fun, and fabulous. The country is peaceful, calm, and easy. I have schedules in the city, I just go in the country. The city is demanding, the country is restless. I’m rushed in the city, I drag in the country. I enjoy money in the city, I value people in the country. The people are nicer in the country- personable, approachable, and talkative. City people can be rude and arrogant. City scenes stimulate my thinking, country scenes relax me and inspire me.

Born in the country, developed in the city. I appreciate what both the country and city have created in me. I value them both. I want to accomplish some things so I’ll need the city, but I also desire some country. Maybe I can find some country right outside the city? 😉

I love city and country living.

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