POWER! T.D. Jakes said…

I previously wrote about my experience at The Potter’s House, but now I want to share the POWER that he actually spoke.  I have 3 pages of notes that I must share!

I’m sure something will hit you- It was a life-changing message.  The other day while driving, I actually thought of something he said and I visited the church on May 26th, 2013!  That’s POWER!

Here are my notes from the opening:

– To women: You cannot entertain men without food.

– Jesus is a wonder.  He’ll leave us wondering how He did it.

– We need help getting through this life.  We cannot do it by ourselves.

– The only way to get out of your rut is with faith!

– It’s only a test.  Pass it!

– If Jesus is on the boat with you, you won’t sink you will survive!

– Talk back to the devil!

Here are my notes from the message:

– The subject of his message was “A Lesson in Humility” and the scriptures were Mark 9:1-10

– You have to LEARN God’s voice.  Be still and know that He is God.  Don’t move in haste.  Wait on God.

– We see the glory of God in glimpses.  At 8 he told his mom that he’d be speaking.  His glory is revealed in glimpses, not details.

– When you’re chosen you’ll be forever pulled a part.  Misunderstood, set apart, you have a certain uniqueness about you and your path.

– Do not choose friendships over faith!  May have to disconnect on 1 level to be connected on another.  If you’re really going to follow Jesus, you will be a little isolated.  If you can’t leave the 12, you can’t see the 1.  Don’t gravitate toward familiar when you have opportunities.

– Think on the level of your calling.  Anybody who gets the upward calling, fights downward cravings.  There is a pull between 2 experiences. (This is the point I thought of the other day!  There are certain things that I still crave that I know that I shouldn’t.)

– The top looks different from the bottom.  Enjoy each step, no rush.  Don’t despise the struggle.  Life is a mountain.

– Side note: With marriage we are saying I do to stuff that we haven’t even seen yet!

– Chase Jesus to get to know yourself, to get all of your potential.  He has the key to who we are.

– Don’t look at people.  Becoming what you see is difficult- Follow Jesus.

– When you grow, you see things differently.  When you change, everything connected to you changes.  You may recognize me, but you won’t know me.

– Side note: Children have no business in grown folk’s conversations.  We should not negotiate with our children.

– When a relationship takes you to a new level that you wouldn’t be at- Be Quiet.  This is only a glimpse.  Don’t try to be important and shine.  You may be important on a previous level, but on the new level you are a fool.  It’s not always a time to shine, sometimes it’s time to be humbled.

– He stated that his message was for climbers.  Don’t be distracted away from God because of circumstances.  God is God no matter what.

POWER, right?!  It felt good to even review the notes again!

I encourage you to jot down a few notes and keep them in your mind.  Words are powerful and I pray that there was something you read that will make a difference in your life.

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