Are You Drifting??


On July 21st of this year, my daughter Maraya and I attended Going Hard for Christ Church and WOW!  Pastor Lawrence Peoples brought such a strong word that I was inspired to share it.

The title of the message was “Am I Drifting?” and he really forced me to look within and acknowledge the fact that maybe I was getting a little ‘lax’ in my spiritual walk.  Very thankful for this message.

Check out the notes. I’m sure something will speak to you.  🙂

– Some of us are flirting with danger/death- Living to close to the edge.   It is not uncommon for Christians to drift towards danger.

– As new believers we are determined, committed, and our mind is fixed on the things of God; but then we begin to compromise.  When we are drifting, we tolerate more.  When we are fixed on God, we think “Who has to suffer if I do this?”

– Side note: When dating, understand their story.  Why they believe and do as they do.  Women- get a good man.  It will save you a whole lot of trouble.

– Drifting requires no effort, it is an unconscious process.  You’ve just stopped rowing with God.  Don’t stop in a storm because it will overtake you.

– When you are faithful to God, you are rowing upstream.  God shows himself faithful to those who are faithful.  Draw to him and he will draw near to you.  Keep rowing in the midst of a storm!

– Sin will desensitize you.

Signs of Drifting:

1. Diminished desire to study God’s word and pray.

* Stay hungry!  In order to grow, you must stay faithful.

2. Diminishing desire to be with God’s people.

* You should desire to be around God’s people more then you desire to be around people of the world.  Examine yourself.

3. Diminishing desire to share God’s Word.

* You should have a desire to save people.  Find common ground.

4. Increased thrill over things of the world.

* Be in the world, not of the world.

– Keep rowing!  Don’t stop!  Expect to be criticized.  Don’t expect everyone to like you.  The world likes its own.

– Be anchored!  Wrap your mind into the things of God.  Be rooted in Christ.  No matter what, LOVE!  Love binds everything all together.

Enjoy it?  I DID!  Definitely a message worth sharing.

Now, stop and look within.  Are you drifting??

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