My Visit to T.D. Jake’s Church!

PottersHouse_2013-05-26_16_20_55  PottersHouse

I visited family in Dallas earlier this year and I just had to visit The Potter’s House.  Last year I read several of Bishop T.D. Jake’s books and I just had to experience his church.  2 words: EXPECTATIONS EXCEEDED.

I must admit that I was very anxious about attending his church.  1. I love God.  2. He’s kind of a big deal.  Just being honest.  But to my surprise he addressed that ‘celebrity’ issue immediately.  One of the first remarks he made was that we came to have church not see a celebrity!  WOW.

But let me back up.  Parking and getting into the sanctuary was seamless.  In my mind I visualized a backed up highway, long lines, and noisy crowds.  It was not like this at all.  Everything just flowed.  Easy.  Parking attendants were on duty and everything was in order.  No stress, just easy.

There was even a section for first-time guests.  They gave us complimentary DVD’s, refreshments, and we were even escorted to a special section.  We were a bit late so we ended up on the front row on the balcony.  Not bad but had we arrived earlier I’m sure the seats would’ve been even better.

The sermon was powerful, right on target- I felt as if he was speaking directly to me.  He just flowed.  Reading the Bible, dissecting the story, and encouraging by sharing his own personal life struggles.  At one point in his life he had nothing to feed his kids but apples.  His message was packed with enough motivation to overcome any obstacle!

I wrote, I listened, I sat on the edge of my chair.  I cried, I cried. Tears just flowed.  It was so refreshing, encouraging, uplifting.  The Spirit of God was definitely present.

I can’t wait to go back to The Potter’s House.

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