FROZEN: The Movie


Went and saw the movie “FROZEN” today with my daughter and it was a great movie!  Here are 5 thoughts..

1. True love can break curses and bring life.

2. We’re all fixer-uppers, needing a little love.

3. Things are not always as they appear.  Sometimes hideous, ugly motives can hide behind an attractive physique.

4. Don’t fall in love so soon.  Emotions are unreliable.  Take time to get to know the person, their story, and their character; BEFORE you fall for them.

5. Love doesn’t give up on loved ones.  It sacrifices and even suffers for it.

The movie and story line were great- definitely a Disney fairy-tale.  We enjoyed it and we aren’t the only ones.  According to Yahoo! MOVIES the box office revenue is $192, 034, 112.

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