10 Thoughts on Money

Firework of dollars

1. Anytime we get money we should always do 3 things: Save some, give some, spend some.

2. Before you get money, envision what you want to do with it.  Save it?  Pay bills?  Get your nails done?  Envision it and plan for it before you get it.  Don’t just spend without thinking.

3. Live below the amount of income you have.  Don’t spend every penny you get.  This causes unnecessary stress.  Trust me I know.

4. Learn from others.  When I was a young girl I remember seeing chewed gum in my great-grandmothers refrigerator; right in the door by the eggs.  Yes, this seems extreme, but she always had money.  I never remember her asking anyone for money.  Also, learn from those that don’t budget money well.  Don’t repeat mistakes.

5. Don’t get it illegally.  You will pay for it sooner or later.  Again, trust me.  😉  Have you seen “American Gangster”?

6. Don’t hold onto it to tightly.  Money is a part of life.  It comes and goes.  Like air, we need it, but it will come.  Be free with it.

7. Don’t be entitled.  Work for it, produce something, earn it.  Don’t just expect it to come to you.  You must work for it.

8. Remember, money doesn’t guarantee happiness. There are some very unhappy rich people and some very happy poor people.  I believe the saying- The best things in life are free.

9. What we do with a little money we will do with a lot of money.  Don’t think if you have more you will give more.  Start the behavior now.  Unfortunately, if you don’t share your little bit of money you most likely will not share your large amount of money.  I believe that no matter our income we should always save, share, and spend.

10. Control your money!  Don’t let it control you.  Decide to be happy no matter how much money you have.  This is not particularly easy!  I’m working on it myself, but we can all do it.

Not sure why, but money has been on my mind this am.  Around the holidays money can be an issue.  It seems we never have enough.  I believe we all can benefit from an attitude adjustment when it comes to money.  It’s not that serious.

After all, it’s just money.

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