I’m just realizing that as a writer if I’m not stimulated I can’t write.  I’ve been out of school for the past few weeks and honestly I feel a bit under-stimulated.  I feel idle.  Today I thought of the saying “an idle mind is the devil’s playground” so I’m desperately seeking out some stimulation!

I had to look up the definition of the word.  Let me share.  Stimulate- to make something more active; to cause or encourage something to happen or develop; or to make a person excited or interested in something.

So I guess it’s safe to say that I need something to interest me.  Even safer to say that I need something to interest me so that I can write.

I’m not currently reading a book so my first thing to do is scan my bookshelf and jump into a book.  I also haven’t been staying up to date on news, or even politics.  Haven’t been doing much web-surfing, and the internet is so full of information that something always grabs my attention and stimulates me.

I love learning about cultures across seas.  There are some people in the world facing severe issues such as no access to clean water.  Some people can’t even openly practice religion.  Oh yeah, women in Saudi Arabia can’t even legally drive!  These issues stimulate me.

I had to share this because I practically had an ‘aha’ moment.  We may not all be writers, but we all need stimulation to be effective at whatever it is we do.  I hope this article will give someone else an ‘aha’ moment.

I also strongly believe that our stimulation level affects our happiness.  Think about it.  I’m sure it’s very easy for a person to become depressed if nothing in their environment is stimulating them.

I must go now.  I’m in dire need of some stimulation.  You go get stimulated too!  I’m sure we can both use some stimulation!

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