He Says…

He was unfaithful to her.  Then committed to her and got his credit together.  Now he’s faced with me- He says I’m the next step.  A notch above the rest.

He wants me to have his babies.  Go there with him, everywhere he’s envisioned- The places of his dreams.  He says he can take me there.  He can trust me there.  He won’t have to worry about my convo with his party guests.  🙂

In the White House, in the board room, in the sanctuary, in the bedroom.  He can picture me everywhere.  Handling everything.

He says he needs me.  He can’t leave me. I’m his weakness.  I’m his soft place.  His safe place.  Unlike no other.  That’s what he says.

He says I’m a wonderful mother.  He trusts me.  I do exactly what he wants, without having to ask.

He says I bring no negativity, no stress.  He says I love him and I let him be free, not weighed down.

He says I may be the one.  I’m just saying what he says.

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