A Man Needs a Woman

I believe that a woman’s role to a man is very critical.  She can propel him or sabotage him and his future.

Her words can make him feel like a King or a coward.  A woman must be very strategic with the words she uses when speaking to her man.

Her love can comfort him when nothing else will do.  When the house, money, or car can do nothing she can make it all better.

A woman can continue the man’s legacy by giving him babies.  Receiving him then delivering little hims.

She arouses him like nothing else.  Her look, her figure, her eyes, her charm.  He loves the sight of his woman.

A woman complements her man.  Standing next to him, behind him, or wherever he wants her.  She is the perfect partner.

He is the leader, full of wisdom, so she submits to him.  A woman will not disrespect her man.  She respects who he is, what he stands for, and expresses disagreements in a thoughtful manner.

A woman recognizes the importance of her role to her man.

A man needs a woman.  A woman needs a man.  They were made for each other.

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