Pray, pray, pray! 10 points on prayer…

I just read another article that is focused on praying!  Is God trying to say something?  Maybe He is trying to remind us of the power in prayer!  Maybe we all need to pray and rest in His presence more, and ‘do’ less.

The message that I just read is from T.D. Jakes ministries.  The subject of the message is “God wants to open the closed doors in your life…”

Here are 10 points from the message:

1. “We have far too many believers who are missing their opportunity to open doors that stand closed before them, because they’ve forgotten the power of prayer.”

2. “Prayer is the key that opens the door for victory in your life.”

3. “Prayer is neither a ritual nor a recitation.”

4. “Prayer brings life to your spirit.”

5. “Prayer defends your heart and attacks your fears.”

6. “Prayer opens the heavens and shakes all of hell on your behalf.”

7. “Prayer connects you to God and His blessings in your life.”

8. “Prayer beckons the blessings of God in your life because prayer is the vehicle by which you express your faith!”

9. “It is your faith carried on wings of prayer, which will sustain you through every storm, against every enemy, and over every obstacle.”

10. “Prayer is the key to your relationship with the Sovereign God of the universe . . . use that key today!”

Ok, ok I practically shared the entire message but it was all so GOOD!  Definitely a message worth sharing!

I pray that you will spend more time praying today and less time ‘doing’.

Blessings to you all!


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