It’s Okay to ask God…


To be good to you.  Or, to have mercy on you.  Or even to provide you with more money.

Yesterday I was listening to a Joyce Meyer message and she discussed how she spoke with a lady who felt it was wrong to ask God for money.  The lady was struggling to meet her quota at work and Joyce asked her if she had asked God to have favor on her.  Joyce comforted the woman and let her know that it is absolutely ok to ask God to help her with her sales, so that she could earn more money.  (And keep her job.)  🙂

God wants to be our everything- Our provider, our source of love, our source for peace.  He wants us to pray and talk to him about everything!  He dearly wants to be our friend that we involve in EVERY area of our lives.  Sometimes we subconsciously put God in a box.  Take him out NOW!  🙂

It’s okay to ask him for healing, for money, for love, for children, for peace, for strength.  For anything that’s within His plan for our lives.  We definitely need money to live (and to give), so I have to say that it is okay to ask God for money.  He would also prefer us asking Him to meet our needs, than us trying to meet our needs on our own.  The world teaches us to be independent, but God longs for us to be dependent on Him.  God is a Father who longs to bless and provide for His children.

Now, keep in mind that just because we ask God for something doesn’t mean we will always get it.  Maybe it will come later; maybe it won’t come at all.  Maybe what we desire is not good for us, or maybe He has something even better.  We have to trust Him.  Trust Him to provide the very best for us at the right time.

We must trust Him and then have peace while we’re waiting.  Just as when our kids ask us for something we expect them to be content until they get it.  Not pout, cry, and throw tantrums. 

Personally, when my daughter Maraya throws a fit about not getting something this lets me know that her character needs work and I will hold off with granting her request.  I’m sure God also wants us to be content with what we have, while waiting for our current prayers to be answered.   

So, ask God, keep your peace, and believe that He will provide.  Remember, He hears everything and will answer when the time is right.  Go on, ask Him.

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