I heard T.I. & Tiny say…


T.I. and Tiny were on the Rickey Smiley radio show this am.  If you don’t know them they are a very prevalent couple in the entertainment industry.  They currently have a reality show that airs on Vh1.  Tiny was a part of the 90’s female singing group Xscape, and T.I. is a successful rapper, actor, as well as a published author.  For more information on his book “Power & Beauty” click here.

Here is a summary of what they discussed on the radio this am:

– T.I. was asked to rank himself compared to the other rapper turned actors & his reply was very humble.  He stated that’s not for him to do- it’s for the people to decide.

– They were asked how they planned on spending their holidays and if they’d be vacationing to a tropical spot and T.I. replied that they’d be eating and spending money.

– Tiny was asked if she’d be doing the cooking and she replied that she does cook, but she will not be cooking for the holiday because it’s too many people to cook for.  She was also asked what her favorite quick/go to meal was and she said it was her turkey meat nachos.  She said her son loves them and told her she should sell them in a grocery store.  They even discussed how creating a family cookbook could be a potential for them.

-T.I. was asked if he cooks at all and he replied “absolutely”.  Tiny said his specialty is shrimp.  He said he does not use a recipe but just seasons it depending on what he has a taste for at the time.  He did say it would definitely have some garlic on it.

I enjoyed listening to the interview.  They both have lived very fascinating lives so I enjoyed getting to know them a little better.  They were both very straight forward and genuine.  I also just learned today that T.I. is an author!  Love them or hate them it seems that T.I. and Tiny are here to stay.

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