What is your therapy?

We all know that life doesn’t always keep us happy.  Or even support our happiness.  Problems, situations, and even conversations can get us down.

It happens to all of us, BUT we can’t stay down.  We should all know what our therapy is.  What makes us happy?  What lifts our mood?  What makes us feel good?

We’re all responsible for our own happiness.  When things try to steal it from us we have to know how to protect it and restore it.

We must keep ourselves up, encouraged, and positive.  It is our own responsibility.  No one else’s.  We can’t rely on others to keep us happy.

Let me share a few things that I can turn to when I need therapy.  🙂

– Writing

– Music

– Talking

– Dancing

– Praising God

– Praying

– Shopping

– Reading

– Taking pictures

– Dreaming

– Yoga

Ok, I will stop here.  You get the point.  We should all have our own personal toolkit that we turn to when we feel down.  Healthy things that make us feel good.

Lift yourself up.  It’s your own responsibility.  What is your therapy?  Tell me tell me!  🙂

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