BECAUSE… Maybe its LOVE..

I call him DADDY because he’s BOSSY.

I FOLLOW him because he’s a LEADER.

I LISTEN to him because he makes SENSE.

I TALK to him because he UNDERSTANDS.

I UNDERSTAND him because he’s LOGICAL.

I TOUCH him because it feels so GOOD.

I ENJOY his presence because it feels so RIGHT.

I TRUST him because he’s simply TRUSTWORTHY.

I ADORE him because he’s so STRONG.

I EXPRESS to him because he CARES.

I SMILE when I see him because I can’t CONTROL myself.

I STARE at him because he’s so FINE.

I WATCH him because I like how he MOVES.

I WANT him because we CONNECT.

I THINK of him because he’s got my MIND.

I APPRECIATE him because he’s HONEST.

I’m HONEST with him because he DESERVES it.

I’m SMILING as I’m writing this because I think it’s LOVE.

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