Ahhhhhh! Look what I got!


I finally bought a tablet and I decided on the iPad mini.  I’ve debated and researched for a while and finally made a decision!  I talked to the Apple rep for over an hour before I finally purchased it!  I got it on Black Friday when they were having a sale and Apple doesn’t have sales so I was forced to buy it.  🙂

The two tablets that I was considering were the iPad and the Microsoft Surface.  The iPads are more popular, but they are more expensive and I just didn’t know if it was worth it.  I loved the Surface because it has Word and I am a Microsoft girl.  But hey I guess we all were at one time.  The only thing that prevented me from buying the Surface was the camera!  It is not very good at all.  That’s where the iPad got my attention- the camera.

Microsoft did an amazing job advertising their tablet with the snap in keyboard.  Who would’ve known that you can get keyboards for the iPads too?  I didn’t.  I had to have a keyboard because the only reason I wanted a tablet is because I’m a writer.  I want to be able to jot my thoughts down (and capture a great picture) no matter where I’m at.  I’ve learned that if you don’t pen some thoughts immediately they may never come back.

I’m just starting to play around with my new device and I love it already.  It’s so small, convenient, and accessible.  It also comes on immediately!  No wait time like a laptop.  The camera is amazing!  I was in bed last night and took a pic of myself with low lighting and it was still a great picture!  FaceTime is pretty cool too!

I’m anxious to be able to write and publish stories no matter where I’m at.  Exploring, being stimulated, taking pictures, and writing from anywhere.

All thanks to my iPad.  Team Apple!

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