Put your Personality in the Backseat!

It’s amazing how even as Christians our personalities can be an obstacle.  We pray to be spirit-led, but our personalities oppose that.

This morning I woke up thinking about how I’ve been handling a situation.  A particular book came to mind that a church sister gave to me.  It’s titled “The Spirit-Controlled Woman” by Beverly LaHaye.  An AMAZING read!  It is focused on the different personality types and how they contribute to or undermine being spirit-led.  I grabbed it off my book shelf and spent some time reading it this morning.

My personality type is a choleric.  I love it because cholerics are natural born leaders.  The apostle Paul and Hillary Clinton are both cholerics.  Cholerics are confident, smart, and determined!  I love that part of me.  Unfortunately, cholerics have their share of weaknesses too.  They can be insensitive to the needs of others, manipulative, and even blunt.

I love this book because it makes you aware of yourself and your personality.  Sometimes the very thing that can be preventing us from doing the right thing is ourselves.  Not sin, not temptation, not the devil- OURSELVES.

Being aware of yourself and your personality can enable you to adjust your ways and force your personality to take a backseat to the spirit of the living God.  God loves each of our personalities, HE MADE THEM, but we have to manage our beings so that He can lead us.

Think about it.  Look at yourself, your personality, your way of doing things.  Your personality may be in more control than it should.  Put it in the backseat.  Let God drive.

Learn more about the book “The Spirit-Controlled Woman” by clicking here.  The book also dedicates sections to men, marriage, dating, singleness, communication, plus much more!

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